Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories

Materials Testing Laboratory

The primary purpose of this lab is to evaluate the properties and response of non-biological materials to forces and stresses. Below is a list of the equipment used in this lab. 

1. Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine

  • MTS Model 204.52 Hydraulic Actuator Testing Machine
  • Used to examine the physical strength of materials
  • Produces computer controlled displacements or forces in sine or ramp wave shapes
  • Capable of producing 50ms sinewave load or position controlled impacts of up to 20,000 Newtons
  • MTS Model 458.2 Microconsole with data captured to a computer controlled 16 bit A2D board running National Instruments LabView(tm) software

2. Biaxial Testing Fixture

  • Custom designed table and mount with hydraulic actuator
  • Used in conjunction with MTS Servo-Hydraulic Actuator to provide force along two separate axes
  • Can be used for 2-dimensional loads of human and animal joints

3. Biaxial/Triaxial Torque/Compression Testing Fixture

  • Custom designed table and mount with linear and rotary actuators
  • Used in conjunction with MTS Servo-Hydraulic Actuator to produce translational and rotational forces on two or three axes.
  • Used in experimentation on the behavior of knee joints under loading

4. VICON Motion Capture System

  • Uses multiple cameras placed at different angles to measure motion in real-time.
  • Detects position of reflective markers placed on biological landmarks of joints or bones in absolute dimensions and relative to one another.
  • Information can be used to track motion of particular bone or joint to measrue torque or displacement.
  • Has been used to track motion of the talus during ankle torsion as well as femur and tibia motion durign hyperextension.

click image to view VICON Videos

5. Screwdrive Testing Machine

  • Can produce large displacement, position controlled, slow speed motion
  • Forces generated can be used to evaluate the strength of various materials
  • Has been used to test the glue strength of shoe sole construction

6. Turf Tester

  • Uses static loads to simulate the body weight of an athlete
  • Uses a surrogate ankle that can measure torsional rotation of the ankle and at the shoe
  • Has been used in a study of football cleats funded by the NFL

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