Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories

Gait Analysis Laboratory

This laboratory is used for biomechanical studies of runners and the evaluation of factors that contribute to footwear comfort.

Below is a list of the equipment used in this lab.

1. Temperature and Humidity Testing Equipment

  • Sensors attached to socks are capable of measuring relative humidity, temperature and dewpoint
  • Sensors record digital data points at a specified rate.
  • Used to investigate the breathability and thermal comfort of footwear.

2. AMTI Force Plate
  • Force plate is set into a 46' x 4' runway.
  • Runway area provides testers with an adequate space to jog or walk so that information collected from the force plate is representative of their natural footstrike.
  • Measures the forces and moments generated during a foot step, and uses this information to identify patterns of weight distribution on the foot.
  • Information can be used to characterize an individuals foot strike pattern.

click image to view runway

3. VICON Motion Capture System

  • Uses multiple cameras placed at different angles to measure motion in real-time.
  • Detects position of reflective markers worn by test subjects in absolute dimensions and relative to one another.
  • Information can be used to analyze the physiological effects of different footwear on the subject.
  • System can be integrated with AMTI Force Plate to determine reaction forces relative to 3-Dimensional Motion

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4. Oxford Foot Model

  • Reflective marker set used in conjunction with Vicon motion capture.
  • Allows for accurate and precise measurement of lower body kinematics, focusing on the joint segments in a single foot.
  • The Oxford foot model marker set, used to study precise movement of the segments of the foot.
  • This model is fully integrated into Vicon for quick and accurate data collection

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4. Plug-In Gait marker set

  • Reflective marker sets used in conjunction with Vicon motion capture.
  • Allows for accurate and precise measurement of lower body kinematics.
  • The Plug-in Gait marke set is a more comprehensive model that does not focus on one particular joint but rather allow for measurements of many lower body movements.
  • Plug-in Gait software does inverse dynamics calculations to automatically determine joint forces and moments.

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5. PAROTEC Pressure Sensor System
  • Evaluates the pressure distribution of a foot step.
  • Identifies irregularities of a footstep by highlighting areas of concentrated stress due to high pressures.
  • This information can be used to characterize an individuals foot step.
  • Can provide information on an individuals proper footwear requirements.

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