Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories

Footwear Evaluation Laboratory

This laboratory is used for experiments which evaluate comfort, design, and construction of shoes.

Below is a list of the equipment used in this lab.

1. Shoe Flex Tester

  • Utilizes the MTS Servo-Hydraulic testing machine.
  • Evaluates the stiffness, flexibility and responsiveness of the shoe sole and forefoot in flexion.
  • Flexes shoes to 55 degree flexion angle.
  • Data collected includes: force, moment, stiffness, input energy, and output energy.
  • This information is used to measure the flexural characteristics of the shoe in relation to the biomechanical response of the foot.

2. ASTM Type A Impact Machine

  • Simulates 150lb. man jogging by dropping an 8.5 kg mass from a height of 50 mm.
  • Data collected includes: force, displacement, time-to-peak force, dwell time, stiffness of shoe, acceleration, input energy, and output energy.
  • Measures the resiliency and shock dispersing qualities of shoe sole systems.
  • This information is used to categorize shoes for shock absorption, stability, and general comfort.

3. Artificial Thermal Foot

  • Simulates a foot at human body temperature releasing moisture into a shoe or boot.
  • Consists of tubing containing water and a heating element enclosed in a Gore-Tex sock which allows the humidity to travel through but not any liquid water.
  • A balance is used to measure the changes in mass that occur when humidity escapes from the inside of the shoe.
  • Used to measure breathabilty or the amount of water vapor that is able to escape into the air.




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