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OBL Current Research

Explanted tissues in media being placed within a mechanical loading device for studies on cartilage viability.

Below is a brief description of the OBL's primary research areas.



The OBL investigates mechanisms of post-traumatic osteoarthrosis. The research, funded by the CDC, involves the prevention of acute injuries that may lead to this disease. We investigate methods of early diagnosis and intervention into the disease process. Researchers focus on acute injuries, such as bone bruises, cell death, and cartilage matrix damage using human cadavers, in vivo animal models, and in vitro explanted tissues in these studies. The picture to the left is a radiograph showing a clinical, end-stage disease of the knee. For more information, click here.

Surgical Methods and Materials Research



The OBL is involved in the evaluation and development of orthobiologic materials for soft tissue repairs. Our researchers are also investigating methods of bone repair, in cooperation with industrial partners, using radius, tibia and tarsus animal models. The image to the left is the Restore Orthobiologic Implant, developed by DePuy Inc. in cooperation with the OBL. For more information, click here.



In 2007, the OBL began investigating the biomechanics of skull fracture in children and infants. By researching the material and mechanical properties of the developing porcine skull, our researchers can gain an accurate perspective of the developing human skull. The OBL will be working with Anthropologists at MSU in order to develop an in-depth tool to predict pediatric skull fracture patterns. For more information, click here.



The OBL works extensively with Sport Biomechanics, Inc. in the design and evaluation of various types of shoes, boots, orthopaedic insoles, and protective pads for the athlete. Our research has assisted in the production of durable and comfortable shoes for the American consumer. For more information, click here.

Force plate testing to determine the ground reaction forces and the center of pressure to aid in the design of footwear.

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