Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories

Opportunities at the OBL

Graduate Student Opportunities

Any Graduate Student who is working toward a MS or Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics or Mechanical Engineering has the unique opportunity of working as a researcher with Dr. Roger Haut on various projects that include: biomaterial testing, shoe impact, flexion, temperature, and humidity testing, blunt impact testing of cartilage and bone, shoe durability/construction tests, and more. For more information on this opportunity, contact Dr. Haut.

Undergraduate Student Opportunities

Undergraduate students who are pursuing a BS in Engineering or Biology are given a chance to work with graduate students on research similar to the areas stated above. This unique opportunity allows students to gain additional insight into their field of study and enhances their understanding of biomechanical engineering. Contact Dr. Haut if interested.

Medical Students Opportunity

Students in the College of Veterinary or Human Medicine are given the chance to work with graduate students on research projects that combine the tools of medicine and biomedical engineering. Students working in this environment will leave with a better awareness of their field of study; they will also gain an understanding of the integration that exists between biomechanics and medicine. Contact Dr. Haut for more information.


Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories
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