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The OBL's research is frequently highlighted by the Communique, a quarterly magazine published by the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Click on the links below to see the OBL in the news.

Congratulations to Patrick Vaughan!

Patrick Vaughan was the subject of an MSU Today news video describing his work with the OBL involving pediatric skull injury analysis. Student involved in pediatric skull injury analysis.
Produced by MSU Today News, Oct. 28, 2015.
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Trevor McSween Studies Athletic Injury Prevention

Trevor McSween was the subject of an MSU news video describing his work with the OBL involving shoes and athletic injury prevention. Student involved in hands-on research to minimize athletic injury risk.
Produced by MSU student Erin O'Connor, March 23, 2012.
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Dr. Haut Receives Title of University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Haut was one of 10 MSU Professors to receive the title of "University Distinguished Professor" in 2007. The award, started in 1989, is conferred on faculty who have demonstrated distinguished achievement in teaching, research and public service on both the national and international level. For the full article from The State News, click here.


Feng Wei wins award for Michigan Osteopathic Association 2011 Conference Poster

Feng Wei , a Ph.D student researcher with the OBL, received an Award for his poster on "Mechanism of Injury in a High Ankle Sprain: a Cadaver Study" at the May 13, 2011 Michigan Osteopathic Association Conference. To read the abstract click here. To view the poster click here.



Our research is on the 2006 cover of the American Journal of Veterinary Research

von Pfeil DJF, Déjardin LM, DeCamp CE, Meyer EG, Landsdowne JL, Weerts RJH, Haut RC: In Vitro biomechanical comparison of plate-rod combination and interlocking nail constructs in a canine tibial gap fracture model. Amer. J. Vet. Research, 2005 66(9):1536-1543 (second photo from top on the right is an Xray showing the bone constructs with their plate-rod combinations) Click here to view the full size cover. Abstract


The OBL was highlighted in the Spring 2005 edition of the Mechanical Engineering Bulletin.
Click here and read Dr. Haut's description of current research projects on page 6.



The Communique

Friday, Krister. Lab Sleuths: The Forensic Anthropology Lab, Spring 2002. (Features Drs. Haut and Sauer)

Friday, Krister. Jane Walsh Life Behind the Lens, Spring 2002. (Features Jane Walsh)

Friday, Krister. Osteopathic Legacy: The Sevensmas, Fall 2001. (Features Eric Sevensma)

Staff Matters, Summer 2000. (Features Sharon Husch)

Friday, Krister. Heart and Sole: The MSUCOM Shoe Project, Winter 2000. (Features Dr. Haut)

Grauer, Pat. Sports Medicine: Collaborations Aid Weekend Warriors, Elite Athletes, Spring 2000. (Features Dr. Haut)

Wondero, Dawn. Staff Profile: Sharon Husch, Summer 1998. (Features Sharon Husch)

People Section, Summer 1998. (Features Dr. Haut)



MSU Grant Awards, Spring 2007. (Features Dr. Haut)

University Relations. "University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum", April 2005.
Michelle Foncannon's presentation ("Effects of Increasing Heel Stiffness in Athletic Shoes on Impulsive Loads while Running") took first place in the Engineering portion of the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum.

University Relations. "Student Presenters Take Honors", April 2000. (Features Phillip Thisse)

Beal, Christopher. "MSUCOM Month in Review", February 2000. (Features Dr. Haut)

Mui, Jason. "What's New". Student Furthers Research while Pursuing Osteopathic Training, 2000. (Features Eric Sevensma)

Furey II, M.J. "What's New". Support Continues for the Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship at MSUCOM / Ingham Regional Medical Center, 2000. (Features Dr. Haut)

Beal, Christopher. Staff, Faculty and Students Recognized in Awards Ceremony, June 2000. (Features Dr. Haut)

Click to see interview coverage by WLNS TV

Dr. Roger Haut describes the shoe research and testing procedures to compare athletic shoes. There are demonstrations of impact tests, flexion tests, temperature & humidity tests, and shoe durablity & construction tests.


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